Airplanes Wearing on adult diapers

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No food for 36 hours before departure, use an enema a couple hours before I leave for the airport to empty anything that might still be thereand then I won't need to use a diaper at all because nothing will come out. Do they have the mental age airplanes Wearing on adult diapers five year olds? I suggest doing what you gotta do. Humiliating Flight. If you pee your pantsyour wrong! But if you drink too much you have to pee. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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#I have thought about wearing adult diapers while on the plane, but if i do end up using the adult diaper, I am scared to death that everyone will. #On my way off the aircraft, the lead flight attendant asked “How was your . Evidentally diaper wearing among adults is somewhat common. #Toilets on airplanes are there for a reason. I've never used adult diapers, but I can't imagine it'd be too comfortable after you've soiled or. #1 cavet when in the airplane (blue room) lavatory do not flush any diaper down Location:SF Bay Area; Real Age; Diapers:Adult Baby; I Am a. . And there's nothing wrong with wearing diapers when you need to- it sure.

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I believe that the nudeoscope will flag an adult diaper as an anomaly, . because the last thing I want to do is contaminate the airplane seat.
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