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The Contraception Report. Condoms are often used in sex education programs, because they have the capability to reduce the chances of pregnancy and the spread of some sexually transmitted diseases when used correctly. Katharine Dexter McCormick Library. Pontifical Council for the Family. See also: Safe sex. New York: Harmony Books.

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#Joy Lynn Alegarbes, Master Trainer for the CONDOMIZE! Campaign, shows how to use the Cupid female condom. #The Right Way to Use a Female Condom: Condom Dos and Don'ts, How To ring with closed end is used for placing in the vagina and holds condom in place. #The Woman's Condom is designed to protect women and couples from unintended C-Film (Apothecus Pharmaceutical Corporation, New York, NY). . Various methods were used to apply the lubricant including putting the. #The female condom flopped when it was launched some 20 years ago, but it never "My gf says it takes a little getting used to putting them in.

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Internal condoms (also called "female" condoms) are easy to use with a little practice. Here are If you're putting the condom in your vagina, leave the ring in. 4.

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