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What I do have, though, is a wall. Is there anything to hold onto? You need to: This seated rear-entry position is the perfect shower choice if you like girl-on-top. Don't focus on making penetration work if it seems like it's not going to. Why it works: This is considered one of shower Sexual postions in the go-to shower sex positions for a reason: You're secure between the wall and your partner, which leaves you free to focus on the sensations instead of worrying about slipping.

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#Sure, shower sex sounds hot and steamy. It looks super passionate and sexy in films, but when you're actually getting down to it, it's tricky. #Wondering how to get in on in the shower? Read on for our favorite go-to shower sex positions and gear up for some steamy sudsing. #Watch what happens when a couple tries some of Cosmo's shower sex positions. SUBSCRIBE to Cosmopolitan: #These are wet and very, very wild. Want some good, clean fun in the bathroom? Here are your four best options.

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This shower sex position is pretty easy and tends to work well for most couples. All you have to do is get the girl to wrap her arms around your.
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