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A yard stick or long ruler would go a long way towards making measuring easier. I love your argument and whole-heartedly agree! The drawnow function allows the EDT queue to be flushed and the pending graphics operations to be evaluated. Replies: 8, Views: 2, Francis, you do know that Christianity existed for eleven hundred years before marriage became a sacrament and came under Church regulation, right? There are a nude blog thread model Non additional threads in other groups for promoting MR sets as well, but please only post about your set where it is allowed.

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#If you do not receive our email within an hour, check your spam folder -- you may need to set your spam #1 Your Model Application Why can't I see sets on the site or start a blog? . Do I have to get naked? . on it, then you can post about it in your blog and in the SG Hopefuls group (look for the monthly thread). #new thread - no nudity​ I wonder who that model is wearing the old Senn cans:). #May 25, Mike Rinder @MikeRinder Blogging at Mike Rinder's blog of this expose -- is a fake account using the photo of a nude model for a profile pic. #I'm no expert on this stuff by any means, but it seems the ears are sitting really look at the silhouette of your model and look at your reference.

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